Tuesday, 26 June 2018

Building - Infinity City Touch Ups.

A little Tidy Up

So after taking a longer look at my futuristic city table layout I realised there were a few bits that I was just not happy with.  

Being for the most part flat packed MDF it was easy to see where the kits had been assembled.  Bare unpainted wood showing through in some areas and grey undercoat in others.  

To me it just created lots of little annoying bits that looked unfinished.

I've highlighted this little bits so you can see what I mean.

My solution was to paint these little rectangles in the same colour to tie them in to the rest of the terrain.  
The little rectangles in the base green area were first skimmed over with a little filler to help disguise them before they in turn were painted green.

There were literally hundreds to paint but I think the end result is a vast improvident.  

Thanks for looking.

Judge Dredd Campaign - Part Four


Carrots in a Stew.

Once again we returned to the mean streets of Sector 4, home of Perry Pipkin, Grand Master of The Order of the Carrot.

In a city of 400 million there are more than enough bored citizens just looking for a little excitement.  The chance to do something with their worthless and pitiful lives.  Just waiting for the chance to be a part of something and feel important.  
For those in Sector 4 there is recruitment into The Order of the Carrot.

In the past weeks the PSI division have detected a number of spikes in supernatural phenomena.  Tasked with patrolling the area are Judge Allen and PSI Judge Blair.

Sensing the air thickening around her, Judge Blair predicts something strange afoot.  Barking an alert to Judge Allen the two Judges split up to cover more ground.

Meanwhile thousands of unsuspecting civilians continue with their lives.

With a twisted tortured screech The Order of the Carrot cabal finish their ritual.  Before them stands a brutal, bestial creature of unearthly power.  The air around the demon twists and crackles as the mere fabric of reality is distorted.
The look of horror soon changes to a grin as Grand Master Pipkin realises what he has done.
"I've done it! I've really done it!" Perry shouts. "Now the city is mine and with this creature from the dark bound to me no one will be able to stop me."

Looking directly at the hulking form he has summoned Perry issues his first command.  "Mighty beast of darkness you are mine to command.  I call out your name and bind you to my will.  Do my bidding...erm wait, what exactly is your name?'

A flicker of realisation shoots across Cabal member Jenkins face, quickly followed by the flicker of a razor sharp claw shooting across his throat.  Jenkins is dead before he even realises is.

Looks of glee turn quickly to shrieks of terror.  Without binding the demon by uttering its true name the beast is free to do as it wishes.  It's first wish is to punish the foolish mortals who have disturbed him.

PSI Judge Blair, feeling the changes in the air, closes on the scene of the crime.

Judge Allen circles around closing the net on the Order of the Carrot.

The hideous demon carves through Cabal member after Cabal member.

Judge Blair takes aim and unleashes a volley of standard executioner rounds into the demon.  Even creatures from another dimension should have a healthy respect for the 15 years of training a Judge undertakes before deemed competent to hit the streets.  Judge Blair is no mere rookie though.  Blair is a seasoned veteran with more than 10 years of on the street action under her belt.

Switching it up to high explosive the demon goes down in a hail of led, its foul corpse dissolving once more into the ether.

As the demon gets taken down the two remaining members of the Order of the Carrot throw themselves at the mercy of Judge Allen.
It's looking like Perry and his remaining gang member will have the rest of their lives in the ISO cubes to contemplate their actions. 

Thanks for looking.

Wednesday, 20 June 2018

Building - Civilians

Population Explosion

Having already added a large number of civilians to my city terrain set up I decided that it still needed more.  I ordered a mixed assortment of pre-painted model railway figures from eBay.  There are a few different kinds available but I find these ones to be both a good match in scale to my 28mm figures and also to be suitably dressed to represent more modern clothing.

I separated the seated figures to be used at a later stage. 

The figures come with a rather rough and ready paint job.  It's not terrible but does need a little tidying up, most noticeably around the hair and arms.

A quick tidy up and this is what I was left with.
I used a small drill to put wire pins in their feet.  I used the wire pegs to attach the figures to strips of cork tile for ease of painting.  The pins would also be used later to mount the figures on their bases.

Once dry I painted army painter quick shade all over the figures.
I wasn't too careful with this as these models really are nothing more than an addition to the scenery so didn't need to stand out too much. 

Another example of how the figures came and how they look after a quick tidy up and shade.

This small horde took next to no time to get done.

Next I applied a coat of Army Painter Anti Shine spray matt varnish.

Once dry the figures were attached to clear bases.

Thanks for looking.

Friday, 8 June 2018

Judge Dredd Campaign - Part Three

It's a Bird, it's a Plane, it's Spandex Man!

Its just another normal day in Sector 4, but this is Mega City One and nothing is ever normal here.

In a secluded corner a small group of orange clad civilians start to gather, could this be our old friend Perry Pipkins up to his shenanigans again?

Their weird chanting is muffled out by the relentless sound of constantly moving traffic.

Meanwhile at the other end of the block, Judge Martina deals with one of the locals for littering.

Above them, a masked crusader and his trusty sidekick keep a watchful eye on the many civilians as they go about their business.

In a city filled with so many bored citizens, its not long before something happens.

The chanting intensifies as Mr Pipkins and the newly reformed Order of the Carrot reaches the crescendo of its ritual. 

Having learnt from his earlier mistake Grand Master Pipkins is guaranteed success this time.

But as we all know, nothing in life is guaranteed, except that one day you will die.  With a foul scream it appears that today was the day for Cabal member Smith.  A hideous entity from another dimension rips into his body tearing his soul apart.
Perry Pipkins uses all his power to control the beast...

... and fails!

With a high pitched scream of his own, Perry Pipkins lifts the front of his gown and leads the hasty retreat,

Sensing danger, Spandex Man and Miss Marvellous swoop down  to the street just in time to see a blur of orange linen go streaking past.

Our lone judge has also heard the commotion and rushes to take control of the situation.

The Order of the Carrot take their opportunity as former Cabal member Smith turns all his fury onto Miss Marvellous.

Cabal member Steve splits from the group and makes a run for it.

Judge Martina, unable to get a clear shot due to the civilians moves in to deal with the demonic monstrosity with a good old fashioned fist to the face.
Spandex Man feeling like he could be next in line to receive some rough justice decides to make a run for the subway. 

 Seeing a Taxi pull up Cabal member Smith thanks his lucky stars and heads as far away from Sector 4 as he can.

With the Demon in cuffs, Spandex Man on the run and the Order of the Carrot once again in disarray life can return to normal.  
But as we know there is no such thing as normal for Mega City One.  With a clanking of gears a maintenance robot goes haywire.  It looks like just another day in the big city for Judge Martina.

Thanks for looking.

A few more pictures of the battlefield for this scenario.